How to evolve your Business Profits with Salesforce

The many possibilities of profit generation with Salesforce

1. Automation

  • Sending email — By simply integrating the Salesforce Inbox with Gmail, your team gets the power of List Email feature. All they have to do is use a previously created template, make sure it looks good and hit send. Your team can set up numerous distribution lists by duplicating your lead lists and applying filters to target leads by geographies or any other criterion.
  • Sharing key information — Prospect meeting preparations can be time-consuming for your team as they will have to dig into past email chains and calendar to review any contact they have made with prospects. With Salesforce Essentials’ Einstein Activity Capture, your staff can populate lead, contact, account, and opportunity records with every email and calendar entry between your prospects and any of your team members who use Salesforce. This can be done for up to a period of six months, and can be automatically added into your Salesforce organization’s activity.
  • Scheduling meetings — Essentials with Salesforce Inbox makes it super easy to schedule meetings, especially when your team’s calendar fills up while waiting for others to respond. Salesforce Inbox automates the process, and all your team has to do is write an email from their inbox, pull up the calendar and choose convenient time slots that work for them. Next, they have to drop the calendar into their email, before shooting the mail off. The recipient simply has to choose from an open slot from the calendar, and the meeting is booked, blocking off the slot. The calendar is dynamic and is available in real-time, ensuring that there will be no double booking.
  • Case routing — One of the most critical features achievable by automation is customer service case routing. With this, every customer case is routed to the best agent for effective and quick resolving of issues. The system combines skills-based routing with queue-based routing to keep requests moving to the right agents as quickly as possible.
  • …And some more — Macros is a handy tool that allows your teams to customize automation by taking a series of activities and turning them into a single click in Salesforce. Your team can easily build a macro by doing exactly what they would do to handle a case, and save it. Next time on, this case would only be a single click activity, saving both time and effort.

2. Reporting and Analysis

  • Identify trends by connecting data from any source, whether inside or outside of Salesforce, and bring the analysis right into Salesforce. Users can easily take next steps using built-in CRM actions connected to business processes.
  • Customize what information you want based on your business’s needs and deploy analytics speedily with the help of tailored templates, third-party apps, or custom-built dashboards.
  • Answer complex business questions with its AI-augmented data discovery and explanations that will help you make smarter decisions by telling you exactly what happened, why it happened, and what more is expected.
  • Guide your business forward by predicting future outcomes and recommending actions to take within the apps you already use.

3. Integration

  • Integration with ERP systems increases efficiency significantly, eliminating double entries, and enables better planning, detects bottlenecks and ensures all data gaps are duly filled in.
  • Integration with CRM provides all relevant information in real-time-stores, customers, interactions, promotions, orders, products, inventory, pricing, and more, allowing them to stay connected with their shoppers from anywhere, while offering them innovation and personalization.
  • Integration with marketing automation unravels customer info and shows the way to engage them with personalized experiences across channels.
  • Integration with accounting helps focus on business growth, by keeping all financial data accurate and transparent.

4. Flexibility and Control

The impact of Salesforce on your Sales Pipeline

  • Sales pipeline automation — An automated sales pipeline, where manual processes are taken care of, empowers sales reps and gives them time to focus on business crucial tasks like nurturing leads and improving sales processes.
  • Improved decision making — When powered by Salesforce Einstein that deliver actionable insights, teams get to make quicker and more intelligent decisions. Consequently, sales get accelerated, business processes are optimized, and ROI is maximized.
  • Better communication — The Salesforce community cloud offers a connected ecosystem comprising partners, distributors, resellers, customers, and employees, which enhances the opportunities of collaboration, leading to improved sales and productivity.
  • Improved customer service — Salesforce service cloud enables businesses to take customer service to the next level. Sales reps are empowered to close deals quickly, respond to queries in a timely and effective manner, personalize customer care and even predict future needs; all leading to enhanced customer experience.

Giving customer experience (CX) a powerful makeover with Salesforce

1. Salesforce integrates with your other technologies

2. Salesforce gives you the power of personalization

3. Salesforce Desk transforms your customer service




Good People Engineering Great Experiences. That is what Team Suyati is all about.

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Good People Engineering Great Experiences. That is what Team Suyati is all about.

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